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Delta Collection & Delta Papyrus Factory of Egypt,The largest in the world, Mfrs. and wholesaler of the most distinctive Egyptian hand-crafted Perfume Bottles, Papyrus, French Furniture Replica, Hand Made Rugs, Grapes and Fruit Lamps, soup Stone Statues, Leather goods, Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Glass Arts and more.

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Wholesale French Furniture (1600 to 1900) Replica.
Give your customers a chance to bring all the grace and elegance of 1800 era furniture into their homes by offering a selection of our chairs, end tables, foot stools, couches or china cabinets. Constructed of mahogany and redwoodsAbout US, the chairs are accented by velvets, brocades, leather and in some cases intricately hand-carved backs. Matching sofa are available with selected designs.The end tables range from three-foot high models excellent to use as a resting place for coffee table photo books to the multi-drawer cabinets that are both decorative and functional. And if you need to display a collection of fine dining ware, then the luster of the gently rounded or squared china cabinets provides the perfect showcase.

Wholesale Egyptian Perfume Bottles.
Evoking images of Aladdin magic lamp and Arabian nights, these fanciful glass perfume bottles come in various shapes and colors. From slender burnt orange cylinders to fat, smoke-blue teapot styles, customers will find these items a timeless delight.

Wholesale Egyptian Statutes STATUETTES.
he cat was not merely an animal to ancient Egyptians, but a revered part of the family often immortalized and honored in artistic form. These sleek, polished granite statutes carry on that tradition. Offerings range from full seated felines to an intricately carved head. In addition, there are statutes, pharaohs, queen heads and even miniature pyramids with hieroglyphic images imprinted on them. The treasures of King Tut are renowned throughout the world, and these gold-plated plaster replicas of pharaohs heads and queen statutes add a touch of the ancient to any room.The collection also includes delicately detailed cat statutes of blue stone as well as various size carved replicas of the sacred scarab beetle.

Wholesale Grapes and Fruit Lamps
An eclectic collection of glass lamps will provide the proper illumination on any subject. The offerings range from flowing ceiling mounted globes reminiscent of clusters of delicately connected blue, purple and white grapes to table lamps with ornate brass bases and light holders that remind viewers of roses, tulips and other flowers. The wall lamps echo the theme of growing grapes but this time in shades of blue.

Egyptian Hand Made and Hand Painted Papyrus Collection.
Grown in Egypt Nile River delta region, papyrus was used from ancient times for items ranging from ship sails and cords to mats. The most extensive use of this grass was as paper for legal and personal correspondence. Although world-wide use of papyrus basically halted around the 12th century, contemporary artisans have adopted the product as a canvas for a variety of works. The available selections range from simple renderings of Egyptian royalty to elaborate, full-color scenes from daily life in the ancient world. Among the royalty featured are queens Cleopatra, Nefertiti and Nefertari; a variety of King Tut images, Ramsess II, the Hours Eye, the Winged Maat and the Sphinx.

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